The Ship of Fools
A Ship of Fools represents a medevial moral satire in which the world´s absurdity and profligacy is reflected. The boat´s carcass has been burrowed just deep enough in a lawn so that the grass field seems to carry a floating boat. The structures of the grass corresponds with those of a water surface, crossfading water and soil. Instead of sails the mast is rigged with printed flags, proclaiming the dubious hopes and aims of today´s society. These aims aswell as the movement of the boat remain in state of unapproachable hope. The terms printed on the banners mean

happyness – contentment – more money – independency – safety – success.

Party lights are tied to the riggings, yet they don´t follow any nautic orientation but signalize a rather a chumminess without aim and direction. During day- and nighttime the Ship of Fools became a widely visible landmark and became intergrated as resting place and meeting point within the overall concept of the State horticultural show at Schleswig. The concept of the sculpture will dispaly it in eleven variations on varios locations.
ca. 900 x 800 x 450 cm; impregnated and stained wood, steel riggings, coloured party lights, printed nylon flags, lead; State hortanical show Schleswig, 2008; aquamediale, 2009

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