Marker Tree
For Dublin´s `In Context 3´ program Andreas Kopp created a 10 m high enlighted sculpture, entitled Marker Tree (due to it´s colour scheme); placed as a highly visible landmark at the South Dublin Gateway of the N 7 Kingswood Interchange. The form of the Marker Tree is based on the outlines of a tree but reflecting the artificial, designed understanding of nature of today. Large cushion-like leaf clusters made from cut-through enameled aluminium rest upon galvanized steel branches. The cushion-patterns are illuminated from within by fluorescent colours as if derived from marker pens. The Marker Tree not only became a commonly shared landmark for passers-by but also an individual mnemonic screen for the travellers, projecting their thoughts onto the memo-cushions and remembering them by commuting in and out the city, eventually recharging it with fresh input during their next passage. The light system with its exactly matching colour scheme has been developed and customized together with renown light-designer Jan Dinnebier (Berlin). During the dark hours the glooming sculpture comes out with a completely different appearance.
ca. 1000 x 570 x 460 cm; galvanized steel, enameled aluminium, coloured LED-lights, Dublin / Tallaght / N 7 Kingswood interchange, 2011

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