Liftscape # 2, Dreckburg Castle, Salzkotten, Germany, 2011
A lift is a secluded space, in which we travel from one location to another; a journey unalterably determined in duration and direction. When such a lift is turned into an artwork, it´s sight is subject to different rules of perception as when visting a museum, where art can be contemplated for any lenght of time and in any order.
It´s been a longstanding dispute with the monumental authorities before such a modern intervention like a lift was approved inside the Dreckburg Castle. But the artwork changed the elevator´s strangeness is into an indissoluble part of the ancient heritage, as if the lift has been there even before the castle. A camouflage pattern alters the painted parts of the cabin from the steely surfaces. Now the steely areas appear as if being located underneath the painted parts, as if stripping the painting has revealed an old, concealed technical structure, with the painting testifying the once surrounding waterscape, where the fortress once has been built into.

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