I´m beginning to see the light / Chapel at St. Joseph´s Hospital, Oberhausen, 2010
By entering the neogothic chapel the visitor´s view is guided through the porch-like, steadfastly altar onto the flat image of a coarsly pixeled world; by then being uplifted by the reredos piece in the chapel´s apsidiole. Andreas Kopp´s painting gives description of a constricting profanity peeling away from a leaf gilded vision of eternity. Underneath the ambo, candle holder and ceremonial seats (all specially designed in lightish maple) are invoking the pixeled pattern of a wordly uniformity and spreading it landscape-like all through the presbytery. The entire concept is aiming at an increasing awareness of a superior continuity from earthly life (I´m beginning to see the light). Omitting any ostensible Christianly symbols the artist pays tribute to the diversity of patients as to their vistors, their hopes and sorrows. In his own manner and it´s characteristic treatment of materials Andreas Kopp not only updates the rich tradition of liturgical spaces shaped by artists, but recalls the core tasks of religious welfare: mission and creation.

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