Martin Luther and the Reformation, Langen / Offenbach, 2018

Corten steel and glass, ca. 220 x 110 x 85 cm

Refraining from any exaggerated staging, Luther’s sculpture meets people at eye level as part of their everyday environment.The figure itself is split in two parts and points beyond the personality of Luther to what became taught as „the two Riches“, a reflection on the kingdom of God and the world resp. the separation of church and state.

The laser-cut half-figures from Corten steel are penetrated by a glass wedge, completing it to an entity . The luminescent transparency of the glass represents the Reformed faith. The slightly wavy shaped sides of the glass body are narrowing towards an imaginary initial point. Located outside of our perception this point complies with any divine instigator of the bright message and leaves the individual observer any space to form his own idea of ​​it.

The transparent message of knowledge fills the void, the gap between the two parts of the flat Luther´s steel cuts; giving them support and completing them into the wholeness, to that human shilouette, whom we recognize here as Martin Luther.

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