Scratchfestival IIIa

Ulrich Dörrie Hamburg / weltbekannt e.V., 16 pages,
b/w. images plus 1 full colour image, photos by Fred Dott,1986
€ 18.-
out of print, only few copies left

The Rembrandt Lounge

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, 32 pages, full colour, photos by Bernhard Schaub, with texts from Jean Genet, Herman Brood, Andreas Kopp and more, 1991
€ 22.-

Los desastres de la Guerra / Francisco Goya

Galleria Helena Ramos, Barcelona, 32 pages with centerfold, full colour, photos by Bernhard Schaub; with texts from Gérard Goodrow and Sherry Mendelbaum, 1992
€ 22.-

Where the streets have no name

(road map design )
Kodama Contemporary Art Institute, prefaces by the mayors of Cologne and Kyoto, texts by Rolf Persch, David Reed, Andreas Kopp, Nick Leeson, Katja Lange- Müller and more, unfoldablefull colour image poster 54 x 96 cm, photos by Bernhard Schaub, 28-pages booklet; Osaka 1996
€ 28,-


german edition
Museum Arolsen, 48 pages, full colour, photos by P. Eckart, interview with Andreas Kopp by Dr. Martina Padberg, 2006
€ 32,-

Continental Shift

photo edition
Museum Arolsen, 28 pages, full colour, photos by Thorsten Schneider, 2006
€ 32,-

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