The Journey and the Return

The pair of sculptures „the Journey and the Return“ on the historic Alley of Oaks of Holzhausen Castle in the heart of picturesque, rural Westphalia, depicts the daily roundtrips of residents and visitors. Two over 350-year-old trunk relicts from the historic stand of the avenue were aligned at a distance of about 30 m; as if they were subject of a giant magnetic pull, like magnets on the edges of their fields of force. The facing ends are shaped as a matching geometrical structure; as if the two giant trees could be just plugged together at any time. So what protrudes on the one tree, finds its corresponding indentation in the other trunk and vice versa; so precisely and comprehensibly, that they combine in the eye of the beholder to form a whole. The forest-bound piece has been laid down onto two beams of steel, which, despite it´s immutability, is telling of an alterable logistical intervention, whereas the stem placed towards the castle remained on it´s plain old position by the wayside.

The distant relation between the two components is reflecting the motions of the visitors on their out- and homebound trips, measuring the world in front and back, left and right, near and far, home and remote, connected and separate.

Holzhausen Estate, Nieheimer Kunstpfad, 2017

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