Andreas Kopp was showing „Redemption Song“ in Basel from 01. June to 15. July, ArtCast took the occasion to talk to the Dutch artist.

Taking a screwdriver to sheet metal, Andreas breaks new terrain by taking sketching and etching to expand beyond his heritage of the Dutch tradition into new mediums, capturing light, with neon and gold leaf, a traditional Dutch motif.

The installations, between painting and sculpture, allow the viewer space for new interpretations of common objects; the show is very precise in its detailed notes and instinctive gestures, giving new physicality and contemporary meaning to the rusting metal.

Ten years ago he was first spotted in Basel with his «Rembrandt-Lounge», first shown at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, which brought him to Kyoto, Osaka, Paris, Rotterdam, Kiew and Milano.


Listen & enjoy!

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